Merry Xmas lovelies!

Merry Christmas dear lovelies! Here’s our latest Xmas order, packed specially for this festive season  =)

One of the products will be our Aphrodite blush. As requested, here’s how the packaging looks like.


Rising Phoenix


*Rising Phoenix* MAC Comparable Shades

Just as the title suggests, we have some colors, which have a similar color payoff, or if not, more pigmented than certain high end brands’ shades.

Go on, take a look at the comparison pictures, and give us a try!



More comparison pics coming soon!

Rising Phoenix Pigments *How the eyeshadows appear on the eyelids* Part 2

Here are two more looks, using Rising Phoenix Eyeshadow Pigments =)

For the first look, finishing powder Asintmah was used as a highlight, by lightly buffing it along the eyebrow bone.

Yes, our finishing powders can also be used as a highlight, by those who prefer a matte highlight.

These finishing powders can be blended with the eyeshadows to remove harsh lines.

But to reveal the true intensity of the colors, we did not blend the eyeshadows.

The colors are even more vibrant in person, than in the pictures! =)


Rising Phoenix Pigments *How the eyeshadows appear on the eyelids*

To reveal the vibrancy of the eyeshadows’ colors, we decided not to blend them. But to leave each eyeshadow stark on the eye, to show you the contrast.

We had taken the pictures using handphone cameras. Hence the pictures do not do justice to the colors, as they appear even more vibrant when seen in person!

More looks coming soon!  =)

*Team Rising Phoenix Pigments*



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