Pressed Eyeshadows Now Available!

Good news for those who prefer using pressed shadows =)

We now offer our loose shadows in pressed form!

All you need to do, is to inform us on the colors you would like pressed, and the colors you would like to have in loose form.

When pressed, the eyeshadows may appear to have a slight shimmer sheen on top, but the color payoff will just be the same as their loose eyeshadows.

Pressed eyeshadows will come in 23mm tin pan. These pans can be placed in any palette of your choice. Since they are tin pans, they will adhere well to magnetic palettes.

Here’s a look at our recent order from our lovely customer.She had requested for all her eyeshadows to be pressed. Her order consisted of 4 matte shadows and 1 shimmer shadow.

This will give you a better idea on how the pressed shadows, and their loose shadows look like  =)

These pictures do not do justice to the colors. As the colors and color payoff is much more vivid and vibrant in person.

Photo Collage Maker_aJM7ph(1)

Top row : Abyss (Matte), Aubergine (Matte), and Gingerbread man (Shimmer)

Bottom row : Brick red (Matte) and Sunset (Matte)

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