‘Lab-work Time’

Dear lovelies,

After seeing our Instagram posts, some of you enquired if the loose and pressed version are different products.

Well, they are the same, so the color pay-off will be the same as well =) As requested, all loose eyeshadows, blushes, face beams will have their pressed counterparts very soon.

To show you what we mean, take a look at some of the snaps, taken during our pressing process.

Eyeshadow showcased : Narashima from ‘8 Avatars of Vishnu’ series

Here you can see Narashima, our loose eyeshadow, which is ready to be packed and shipped, as it is.


Loose Narashima final

To make it a pressed eyeshadow, we then follow another recipe of ours.

Tada! Narashima pressed eyeshadow is now ready to be packed and shipped =)


Pressed Narashima Final

Do take note :- Each pressed eyeshadow comes in a 26mm tin pan, jam-packed with eyeshadow till it hits the brim =)

This static picture does not do any justice to the eyeshadow, it is best to view the video.

You can reach us at :-

GMT + 8 (Singapore time)

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