Neutral shades on the way!

Hey lovelies!

While creating the ‘Little Mermaid’ inspired collection, we also have been busy creating the much-requested Neutral shades.

For make-up looks, one the neutral shades that most will be looking for are Transition shades. Usually, when people invest in eyeshadow palettes, they will expect a good mix of neutrals, pops of color, and of course transition shades.

Transition shades are one of the trickiest to find in a palette, in our humble opinion, as they differ from person to person, depending on their skintone.

Hence while working on our neutrals, we made it our mission to create individual suitable transition shades that will be suitable for fair, light, medium, dark, deep skintones respectively. These are soft matte eyeshadows that can also be used as a main eyelid shade.

But hey, if you are a gal who rocks a bold eyeshadow as her transition shade, by all means go for it!

Here are the first 2 shades that we have created :-

1st – For medium skintone

2nd – For dark to deep skintone

transition shades

More transition shades will be posted soon, look out for the update =)





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