The Solar Grace Palette


Inspired by the Sun, in commemoration of the Ponggal festival, celebrated by Tamils worldwide.

Please take note, this is a curated palette that consists of existing shades.

In this collection, there will be a total of 12 shades of various finishes. 12 Pressed eyeshadows, they come in 26mm tin pans, together with our RPX Freestyle Palette.


1st shade : Amun-Ra

2nd shade : Nibelungen

3rd shade : Lives of Subordinates are coin in your hand. Spend them wisely.

4th shade : Narashima

5th shade : Kronos

6th shade : Satyr


7th shade : Arcane Trickster

8th shade : Veil of Protection

9th shade : Gaia

10th shade : Gingerbread Man

11th shade : Path-finder

12th shade : Master of Steel


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