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Hello lovelies!

Yes we are back, with a new product range 🙂

They are the Face Beams, commonly known as Highlighters.

These highly intensely pigmented Face Beams are versatile, duo-chrome and they come in an assortment of colors, ranging from golds, pinks, reds, blues, greens, purples and colors in between.

These appear SO pretty in person.

The pictures and videos do not do them justice! 😀

They are suitable for any skin-tone, and can be applied on the face, lips and body.

Application : Subtle shimmer will be achieved if you were to use a very light hand.

These Face Beams were inspired by and named after the Norse Gods & Goddesses.

In total there are 9 Face Beams.

NOTE : Heimdall looks very similar to Odin in pictures and video. However in person, its copperish beauty definitely makes it stand apart from Odin. Same thing goes for Gefjun. It’s a gold highlight which shifts to a frosty mint green. However in pictures and video it looks similar to Freyja. However its been really difficult to capture their unique effort in pictures. Hence it wouldn’t be fair to place their videos alongside these 2 shades. When you see them in person, you will be able to know the difference instantly =)  No 2 shades are alike in this collection!










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