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What is the difference between an eyeshadow and an eyeshadow pigment?

Answer : Both are eyeshadows. However a regular eyeshadow comes in a pressed, solid form. An eyeshadow pigment on the other hand, comes in loose form.

Isn’t a pressed eyeshadow more convenient than an eyeshadow pigment?

Answer : No – A pressed eyeshadow, if dropped, will shatter. And if you attempt to press that shattered eyeshadow back into the pan, the color payoff will be slightly less vibrant than how it was before. And if you do not press it, it will be difficult for you to scoop the smashed bits, and use them. Usually a pressed eyeshadow which ends up getting broken, lands in the bin, as it’s hard to pick up the color on the eyeshadow brush from the coarse, broken parts.

But for an eyeshadow pigment, it comes in a loose form, and its texture is powdery, silky smooth. Hence, be it eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow spongestick, or even fingers, it will be easy to pick up the color and apply it onto your eyelids.

All you need to do :-

  1. Shake some of the product onto the jar lid.
  2. Dip your stiff flat eyeshadow brush on the jar lid.
  3. Tap off the excess onto the jar lid.
  4. Press and pat it onto your eyelid.
  5. After adding other eyeshadows,  blend accordingly.

This is not about which form is better. Both pressed and loose eyeshadows will have the same color pay-off. It all depends on your usage. If you need to use a generous amount for craftwork or bodypainting, we would recommend loose eyeshadow. If you would like to store all your eyeshadows in a palette? Then pressed eyeshadows will be ideal. 

Can I buy pressed Rising Phoenix eyeshadows?

We now offer our loose pigments in pressed form, in 26mm tin pans. So, palette collectors… rejoice =)  

If our pressed eyeshadow is dropped and shatters what do you do?

For matte eyeshadows, you cannot repress them again. Do NOT use rubbing alcohol as this will harden the eyeshadow brick-hard, if it is oxide-based. There will be no more color payoff, and the eyeshadow will be rendered useless.

Other than for sanitizing our tin pans, we do not use rubbing alcohol for the formulation of our eyeshadows. Hence if you accidentally break your matte/shimmer eyeshadow, contact us, and we will assist you in the best way that we can.

The broken matte/shimmer eyeshadow will still work as a loose eyeshadow as long as you do not add any additives to it. So if you are more of a loose eyeshadow lover, by all means, crush it and store it in sanitized jar for your future use =)

Why do some people, foil their eyeshadow? Can I do this, using Rising Phoenix Eyeshadow?

For more color payoff, some will resort to foiling the eyeshadow onto their eyes. (Wearing the eyeshadow wet, and leaving it to dry onto their eyelids. If the makeup brush is wet, and it is being dragged across the actual eyeshadow pan to pick up color, then a discoloration will be formed onto the eyeshadow. To prevent this, some will resort to cracking their eyeshadow a little, to retrieve a bit of color, which they will then proceed to mix that color with a liquid substance they have, and wear them wet on their eyelids, leaving them to dry. )

Our Rising Phoenix Eyeshadow Pigments are different from other loose eyeshadows in the market. We have used a unique recipe to create them. Hence you can’t foil them. The dry color payoff will just be as intense, and you can pat on the color as you desire, without losing the vibrancy. Hence, there is no need at all, to apply the eyeshadows wet onto your eyelids. 

Can I use your glitter eyeshadow on my lips?

Our glitter eyeshadows are safe for eye/face cosmetic use, but they have not been labelled as lip-safe. Since placing on the lips also will lead to consuming it a little, if you are having food or drinks. Hence our advice will be – Don’t give in to the temptation. Safety first, before beauty =)


How do I remove Rising Phoenix Eyeshadow from my eyelids?

Use any regular make-up remover, which is used for removing eyeshadow on your eyelids too. Even our darkest, most pigmented eyeshadows will come off, when you use the make-up remover. If you do not have a make-up remover, use a gentle cleansing oil like Olive oil to remove it. Then use your preferred facial cleanser.

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