Greek Monsters & Beasts (Halloween 2018)



The Harpy was a mythical monster in Greek mythology, having the body of an eagle and the head of a female human. Some poets have described her as being beautiful, while others described her as being grotestque. Also known as the hound of Zeus, she used to snatch and carry off evil-doers with her fellow Harpies and ferry them to the Furies or Hades for their final judgement. They were initially described as destructive wind spirits, who flew with immense speed, matching light’s speed.

A famous tale involves King Phineus of Trace. Zeus had given the gift of prophecy to him. And he in turn, used it to uncover the secret plan of the God. Enraged, Zeus blinded him and put him in an island, and left his Harpies there. Whenever there was food, the Harpies would snatch his food away before he could eat it. That was his punishment, until Jason and the Argonauts arrived at the island, driving the Harpies away.

Color payoff : Bright pinkish red monochrome eyeshadow, matching the fiery red and pink hair of the Harpies in illustrations 💗


The Minotaur was born from the unnatural union of Queen Pasiphae and the Cretan Bull. He is considered as one of the most fearsome as well as tragic monsters in the Greek Mythology. The most famous tale that explains his birth goes back to the tale of how the Queen’s husband King Minos became a King. In order to win the crown, Minos prayed to Poseidon, asking for a bull to arise from the seas, and that he will sacrifice it to him if that happens. Poseidon granted his wish, and the white, majestic Cretan bull rose from the seas. Seeing its beauty, Minos had no heart to kill it, and sacrificed another bull to Poseidon instead.

Enraged, Poseidon cursed Queen Pasiphae and she lusted after the Cretan bull. She secretly hid in a wooden cow and satiated her desires. Soon enough, she conceived and the Minotaur was born. Distraught, King Minos was embarrassed and didn’t wish for his people to see the Minotaur. Instead, he hid him in the labyrinth constructed by Daedalus, where no man could find his way out alive. Some tales narrate that his prisoners were being fed to the Minotaur, while others said that 7 men and women were sent to him yearly, arranged by King Minos & the tale of Theseus narrates how the Minotaur was slain. However in current paranormal romance fiction, the minotaur is often portrayed as a fearsome, capable warrior, who is often the commander of his troops.💚💛👍

Color payoff : Glitter duochrome shade. Olive green>gold>leaf green.

This used to be Sylph, an unreleased shade from our ‘Faeries & Furies’ Summer collection this year.



Typhon also known as Typhoeus was the son of Gaia and Tartarus, considered as the mightiest and deadliest monster who was also a God in Greek mythology. He was the last son of Gaia and Tartarus, created as a last attempt to deter the Olympian gods from defeating the Titans during the Titanomachy.

Typhon was also known as the father of all monsters, as he was the biggest monster that ever lived, having a human head, and having one hundred heads of dragons that never slept, on his shoulders. His body was enveloped by monstrous wings, and his feet were a pair of monstrous serpents.Together with his wife Echidna, the two of them became parents of many fearsome monsters which include Chimera, Lernaean Hydra and Nemean Lion.

During Titanomachy it was said that he nearly killed Zeus by tearing apart his tendons and dragged him to his cave so that he could torture him slowly. However Hermes managed to get the tendons back and Zeus eventually healed to fight back. Zeus was said to have thrown a few hundred lightning bolts, finally crippling Typhon, and sending him to Tartarus. To ensure that he couldn’t escape, Zeus placed Mount Etna on top of Tartarus.

Color payoff : Deep purple with blackened base.



The Satyrs are attendants of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and celebration, while some were depicted to have ears of the donkey, others were depicted as handsome virile demi-humans with goat feet. Merry-makers, they revelled in wine, music, dancing, and were masters of sweeping unsuspecting nymphs and female mortals off their feet with their charms and talent, due to their insatiable lust.

Like bards who can hypnotize people with their songs, Satyrs can produce hypnotic tunes on their pipes, flutes, tamborines and brass drums that can sway and calm other people and even animals, especially when they are hostile. Sometimes their music and dance also help crops to grow. In certain cases, they assist with music to appease the Gods.

Color payoff : Glitter duochrome eyeshadow. Taupe> Gold> Silver with a hint of pink to reflect Satyr’s romantic nature 💖🌸💚💛

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One of the most fearsome and bizarre hybrid of a monster was Chimera (Chimaera). She was one of the children of Typhon and Echidna. Having the head and body of a lion, she had a goat’s head that emerged from her shoulder blades, and her hind legs were believed to be that of a dragon’s, while her tail was the head of a vicious serpent. This gave her the strength of a lion, intelligence of a goat and viciousness of a serpent.

Being a fire-breathing monster made her unformidable, where she could also spew venom made her a fearsome undefeatable foe, as people ran for cover in Lycia, while she ravaged villages, slaughtering innocent people there. And she finally met her end through a demi-god.

The hero Bellerophon worked under King Proetus. By rejecting King Proetus’ wife Anteia’s advances towards him, he earned her wrath and she demanded for his death. However since Bellerophon was a demi-god himself, being the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, Proetus sent him to his father-in-law King Iobates. Unwilling to earn the wrath of the Gods, or be punished by the Furies for killing his guest, King Iobates in turn ordered Bellerophon to kill the chimera, hoping that he would be killed by her.

Bellerophon had tamed Pegasus, and rode the winged horse. While suspended in the air, being out of reach from Chimera’s breath of fire, he rained arrows down on her, critically wounding her. Despite her wounds, she persevered and fought. As a last resort, he hurled a lead-laden spear into her fire-breathing throat. The lead then melted and spread throughout her body, burning her from the inside, ultimately killing her.

Color payoff : Cranberry shade (to represent the fact that she was the one and only daughter of her parents + her fire breathing abilities) with specks of silver (to represent her Will of Steel as she battled till death, despite the hundreds of arrows impaling her)



Color pay-off : Monochrome shade. Grayish blue that appears more silverish under different lighting – To capture the terrifying effect of her gaze👀

The Gorgon sisters were born to Ceto, goddess of sea monsters, and Phorcys, a primodial sea god with a fish’s tail and crab claws, living in the West near the setting sun. Their other sisters were Scylla and Echidna, who later became the mother to the next generation of Greece’s most terrifying monsters.

They were three sisters – named Stheno(strength), Euryale(Far-Leaper), and Medusa(Ruler or Queen). While the other two were immortal, Medusa was not.

The Gorgons were known to be bloodthirsty and they derived pleasure in targetting men and killing them. They had an array of special abilities – including god-like strength; a potent venom, which can kill a man within minutes if he is bitten by one of their serpentine locks or if he touches their blood; and if he gazed directly at them he would instantly turn into stone.

Even after death, a gorgon’s gaze was potent, and this could be used for battles, Perseus did this, by using Medusa’s head to defend himself against his enemies as they turned into stone. He also dipped arrows in her poisonous blood, so that even a light scratch could be deadly to his foes. Later, Athena placed an image of Medusa on her shield.

The Gorgons’ blood was of a magical nature, which would spawn vicious creatures, if it were spilled to the ground. When Medusa was beheaded by Perseus, Chrysaor and Pegasus sprang from her blood. Instead of becoming monsters, they were noble and well-liked by the Gods and mortals.

A famous tale states another version of how Medusa was created – Being a High priestess of Athena, the once mortal Medusa was raped in Athena’s temple by Poseidon. This was considered as desecration of the temple.

Athena punished her by turning her into a Gorgon, where no man would dare to set his sights on her (Why wasn’t her uncle, Poseidon punished instead? 😐)



The Empusa was believed to be created by Hekate, the Goddess for witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy,to drive fear into mankind. And especially to torment travellers who cross it’s path at night.

While some myths describe her as a woman with flaming hair, having two different legs. One made of brass, and the other a donkey’s. While other tales describe her as having hideous blemishes that she often camouflaged with her flaming hair. Known to be a shape-shifter, who can change her form to be an animal or person, she was infamous for disguising herself as a sweet young woman to lure and prey upon young men, both in water and on land.

Often mistaken for a vampire for feasting on her victims’ blood, she would often devour the flesh of her victims, if given the chance. At the same time, some Empusai are notorious for entering the dreams of young men, feeding on their sexual energy, and only leaving them when they die, devoid of any energy, hence earning the name ‘Energy Vampire’ too. They are believed to be the predecessors of the modern day succubi.

Color pay-off : Glitter Duochrome shade. Peony pink > Gold. To depict the beguiling disguise of the Empusa. The pink appears as a frosted pink under different angles – To depict the Empusa’s cold murderous nature.

This makes a beautiful facebeam to pair it with your blush.
It can be worn as an eyeshadow topper, or can be just worn as a single eyeshadow.



The Lernaen Hydra was one of the children of Echidna and Typhon, who were considered as the All Mother and Father of the Greek monsters.

Since it resided in the swamp of Lerna in the region of Argolid, it earned this name. It was a giant serpent with numerous heads.Some tales of Hydra state that it had somewhere between 10 to 100 heads. Each of the Hydra’s heads was supported by a long neck, so the heads could coil around each other or fan out and attack foes from every angle.

The hydra was considered as one of the most powerful Greek monsters, as it had a variety of super abilities. It had a renegerative ability, where any head that was slewn could easily regenerate. Its stench was poisonous, and anyone who would come in contact with its blood would die a slow death from its poison. And its main head is immortal. No matter how many times it was slewn. It will keep healing, unless it remained separated from its body.🖤💚🖤

As his second labour, Hercules was tasked with killing the Hydra. It was sleeping in its deep swamp cave which was also believed to be one of the entrances to the underworld. Only hunger or rage would draw the Hydra out of its lair. Hence Hercules entered the Lernaean swamp with his mouth and nose covered with thick fabric, so that he wouldn’t breathe the monster’s poisonous scent. And shot fiery arrows into the cave. After awhile, the Hydra roared & charged out of the cave. Hercules immediately started severing its heads as fast as he could. But whenever he severed one, two grew in its place.

Realizing that he could never defeat the Hydra alone, Hercules called for his nephew Iolaus to assist him. He brought a torch and every head that Hercules severed, he causterized the area immediately. This prevented new heads from growing.Finally, Hercules reached the immortal head & cut it off with Athena’s golden sword, buried it under a huge rock. Then he dipped all of his arrows in its blood to use for his future labours. In a strange twist of fate, Hercules died from being poisoned by the Hydra’s blood through Nessus’ evil plan in the later years 😌💔



The Gryphon (Griffin) was considered as the noble counterpart of the evil monster Chimera. Having the body, back legs & tail of a male lion, its head & front legs were that of a great eagle. Although its birth is virtually uncdocumented, it is believed to have first been featured in Sumerian and Egyptian literature as the Noble Beast to guard the Egyptian Gods’ treasures, while others considered them as one of the Guardians to guard & protect the mortal and after-life realms.

In Greek Mythology, the Gryphon represented wisdom, justice, strength & loyalty. Some myths claim that gryphons helped to pull Apollo’s chariot, while others claim that it was also the Guardian beast for Nemesis, the Goddess for Retribution, where it would tear the offending mortal apart for her. The eagle was considered as the king of birds for being the only bird of prey which would attack its opponent, never once looking back to see if its back were left open to attack. Likewise, the lion was considered as the king of animals due to its immense strength & majestic appearance. Hence, the gryphon became known as the King of Mythical Beasts. Having the strength of the lion, and the aerial prowess of an eagle, it was believed to be an unrelenting war machine both on land & air.

It was also known to have unfailing loyalty. Even if outnumbered in battle, it would choose to fight till its death, to protect its loved ones. And it chooses to have only one mate, and if that mate dies, it will choose to remain single for the rest of its lifetime. It is such an incredible beast that it had to make it to our Halloween collection! 😍💖😬The great Philippine eagle was our inspiration for creating this shade!

Color pay-off : Monochrome bronze brown to represent strength & courage for both the eagle and lion body parts. Subtle blue sparkles to represent its beautiful blue-gray eyes and subtle pink sparkles to represent its undying loyalty for its loved ones.


Pegasus (Pegasos) was an immortal winged horse, which sprang from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa, when she was beheaded by Perseus. His brother Chrysaor was born at the same time. At the same time, some tales claim that Medusa was pregnant, carrying Poseidon’s children. Despite being the offspring of a gorgon, both Pegasus and his brother were considered to be noble beings who were well-loved by the gods and mortals of Greek Mythology. Having the strength of a horse and flight power of an eagle, Pegasus was known for his lightning speed. At the same time, he was claimed to to have the power to create water streams wherever he struck his hoof. Springs on Mount Helicon were believed to have been created by him.

When Bellerophon was given the task to kill the Chimera, he used the girdle of Athena to tame the wild and carefree Pegasus. It was only with Pegasus’ assistance that he managed to kill the Chimera, since he was safely out of range from physical attacks and the devastating breath of fire unleashed by her. Pegasus remained as a faithful, courageous companion to Bellerophon, risking his life to protect Bellorophon as he battled other dangerous monsters.

Through Pegasus Bellerophone became a hero & eventually became a king in his own right. However he then believed that he deserved to live amongst the Gods. For this, using Pegasus.he attempted to fly to heaven Enraged by his arrogance, Zeus sent a gadfly to sting Pegasus, as he recoiled in pain and anguish, this made him buck and throw Bellerophon down to earth. Due to this, Bellerophon was flung back to the mortal world, disgraced and crippled due to the injuries sustained.

For his courage and loyalty, Pegasus later was accepted into Mount Olympus, where he eventually served Zeus, dragging his chariot of thunderbolts. Later, for his service to Zeus, Zeus granted him a constellation in his honor.

Color pay-off : Iridescent Duochrome Blue > Purple
It can be worn as a single eyeshadow or eyeshadow topper to create a multi-chrome eye look.💙💜



Cerberus, the beloved pet and Guardian of Hades, was the second offspring of Typhon and Echidna. Seeing his potential, Zeus had handed him over to Hades, while he was still a puppy. He was considered as one of the most powerful and fearsome monsters, as he had 3 heads, with serpents that grew on his back and a serpent’s tail that could poison anyone with its sting. The poison that dripped from his tail would birth new poisonous plants. And one of them is Wold Bane. The 3 heads were believed to represent Past, Present and Future. Even more deadly was his eyesight as any intruder who saw him with his bare eyes would turn to stone – which was a power that only the Gorgons used to have.

As Hades’ beloved pet, he was the Guardian at the River Styx, which was the bridge to the underworld. And the water had the ability to grant the person in it immortality. And he also guaded the Underworld where any soul that tried to escape the underworld and any living person who tried to enter the underworld were torn asunder by him. The only people who had escaped his wrath was Orpheus who lulled him to sleep with his music. And Hercules who was given permission by Hades to capture him without weapons to complete his 12th labour, upon which he returned Cerberus to Hades. And Persephone once gave him a magic-laden honey cake that lulled him to sleep so that Demeter could slip past him. Due loyal nature, Cerberus only granted Persephone the freedom to slip in and out of Underworld anytime while he carefully watched over her. Since he was the greatest pet of the Underworld he is more of a beast than a monster! 😍🌸💖

Color Payoff : Glitter duochrome shade. Fiery red>Lime green To represent that he is the undisputed fiery beast from the Underworld♥️💚♥️💚



ECHIDNA (Ekhidna) was a monstrous she-dragon with the head & breasts of a woman & the tail of a coiling serpent. She was believed to represent the corruptions of the earth – decay, slime, fetid waters, illness & disease. She lived in a cave in Arima, which was well-hidden amongst the flora & fauna. While the top part of her body resembled an alluring nymph, she used to entice unsuspecting young men by emerging from her cave, exposing only the top part of her body. Once smitten, when the men came closer, she would snatch them by her tail & feed on their flesh.

She met her match through Typhon. Despite their monstrosity, Typhon and Echidna lived a devoted monogamous relationship, giving birth to many hybrid monstrous offspring, which then gave them the title of the All-Mother and All-Father of Greek Monsters. And Echidna was the only female powerful enough to ward off Zeus’ advances. When Hercules was given his 12 labours, many of their offspring were killed which included the Lernaen Hydra, Chimera and Orthrus. A famous tale claims that the enraged Echidna and Typhon raced to Mount Olympus to put an end to the Greek Pantheon, & many of the Gods and Goddesses fleed from the mountain under the disguise of birds & animals to escape their wrath. When Typhon finally lost to Zeus & was placed in Tartarus, under Mount Etna, Zeus spared Echidna’s life so that future heroes could be born, killing her or her offspring.

However seeing her as a threat, Hera sent her faithful servant, the 1000-eyed Argus Panoptes to kill the ever-youthful, immortal Echidna. Argus waited until Echidna fell into deep slumber, & then he slayed her, bringing an end to the Mother/Queen of all monsters, beautiful Echidna.

Color Payoff : Multi-chrome shade. Purple >Aqua >Silver. Purple to represent her monstrous nature. Aqua to represent her nymph appearance & beauty. Silver to represent her ‘Queenhood’💜💙🖤

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