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Looks created using Rising Phoenix Makeup! 


Our lovely customer Ivy also known as ivyimogen@Instagram has created a look with our products.

Eyeshadows used : Pink ruby, Amethyst, Orange Opal, Yellow Sapphire

Instagram : ivyimogenmua

Model in picture : Ivy



Cosplayer Skylar also known as microwavedinosaur @Instagram has used Skeletor on his bridge, nose and lip area/

Instagram : microwavedinosaur

Model in picture : Skylar



Rachel is also a mua, she is wearing our pressed glitter purple eyeshadow  Twiddledum Twiddledee

Instagram : raemakeup_

Model in picture : Rachel



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purple glitz

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Our lovely customer Rachel also known as raeraely@carousell has created a look with our products.

Tutorial for this look : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68_NYYTYu8Q

Eyeshadows used : Aubergine & Sunset

Youtube channel : raemakeup

Instagram : raemakeup_

Model in picture : Rachel

rp cansunset

Our lovely customer Vicky Ang, MUA also known as bunface@carousell has created a look with our products.

Eyeshadows used : Canary yellow and Sunset


Facebook & Instagram : vickyangmakeup

Model in picture : Vicky Ang


Here. Vicky Ang is wearing our purple lip cream, Pygmalion, as shared on Facebook.


Vicky Ang created a make-up look using our pressed glitter eyeshadow

Products used :’Wonderland’ Pressed glitter eyeshadow & Brick Red eyeshadow



Another look created by Vicky Ang

Product used : ‘Wonderland’ Pressed glitter eyeshadow



Here’s the look that Vicky Ang came up with, for our Metallics eyeshadows!

Eyeshadows used : Touch of Midas and Evil-Lyn

Highlighter used : Skeletor

Facebook & Instagram : vickyangmakeup

Model in picture : Vicky Ang

rp pygmalion

Here is another look by Vicky Ang MUA.

Lip cream used : Pygmalion


Facebook & Instagram : vickyangmakeup

Model in picture : Vicky Ang



A bold look created by our lovely customer Rachel Ng ❤


Eyeshadows used :- Sunset and Brick Red

Photo Collage Maker_5AHmhf

Pretty in Pink

*Products used*

Face Powder : Asintmah Finishing Powder

Eyes’ Inner Corner : Selket

Main eyeshadow : Carousel

Crease : Isis

Highlight : Asintmah Finishing Powder

insta 10jan2016

‘Day out’ look

Products used

Crease : Eyeshadow Blood Earth blended with Eyeshadow Toadstool

Inner & outer corner of eyelid : Eyeshadow Zeus

Centre eyelid : Eyeshadow Hathor

Above Hathor : Eyeshadow Shape-shifter

Photo Collage Maker_0JP4PZ

Look for ‘Night Out’

Finishing powder : Asintmah

Eyelid color : Eyeshadow Nyx

Crease color : Eyeshadow Centaur mixed with Eyeshadow Toadstool

Brow highlight : Eyeshadow Starlight

Under eye eyeliner color : Eyeshadow Vanity

Cheek Highlight : Eyeshadow Starlight

Contour : Satyr Finishing Powder

Bronzer : Pan’s Ballad

Photo Collage Maker_Wc8T0z

Play up your eyes using Rising Phoenix Eyeshadows!

Aztec Gold (Inner corner)

Fountain of Youth (Centre and blend-in color)

Frankenstein (outer corner)

Asintmah (Highlight color)

Photo Collage Maker_bzqhL8

Our colors on the eyes :

Aztec Gold (inner corner)

Mohave (eyelid)

Zeus (above Mohave)

Toadstool (Crease color)

Starlight (Eyebrow highlight)

Photo Collage Maker_8S5REb

Simple and easy smokey look using one of our Halloween colors.

Black Voodoo (centre) with Toadstool (inner and outer corners)

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