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Hey lovelies!

These are just some tips and recommendations for people new to creating their own Indie Makeup. Whatever information that we share with you is not cast in stone, its not an absolute must to purchase all the items that we have recommended in our posts.

However, these are the tiny but essential things that really helped to make life easier for us, when we created new makeup products – in terms of saving time, energy and pigments.

Mixing your makeup

When you are working with dry ingredients, you basically need 2 things. One – the tool that you use for stirring and mixing. Two – Mixing bowl.

Stirring/Mixing Tool

For stirring it’s essential that you have a tool that’s hardy and sturdy that can thoroughly mix your dry eyeshadow / highlighter / face powder compound, which can also stir your liquid ingredients well.

For this we prefer using our aluminium based dual-ended makeup mixer which has a flat base and other, slightly pointed.

Depending on the texture of our mixture, we will use either ends. And these also wash off beautifully, easily which is another big plus. Since they are aluminium based, they will not rust, and you can wash dry them off safely with a terry towel

Mixing bowl

You can use either a glass bowl or an aluminium one.

It is all a matter of personal preference when it comes to deciding which type works for you. Just make sure that the bottom area is slightly smaller than the top. It will be easier for you to work with a smaller surface area when you add in your ingredients and mix them together. There will be lesser kick-up of the loose powders, less wastage of products caused. And you will be able to work through every once of the powders carefully, when they are contained in a smaller surface area. Plus cleaning the bowl in the end will be less of a chore, which is another big plus!

Using a glass bowl

Due to the texture of glass, you will see that the powders easily bounce off causing a bit of kick up if, you stir fast, or with full force. Go in a circular motion, start at a corner, going in small circles, and work through all the powders. There will be no scratches involved when you are using a glass bowl. But when you use pressure to press the powders against the bowl, there will be some kick-up. As always ensure that your work area is well covered before you begin any makeup formulation project.

Using an aluminium bowl

If we are using an aluminium bowl, we will then use a wooden stirrer. If we are using a glass bowl, then we will be using the aluminium makeup mixer. For us, it all depends on the type of recipe formulation that you are working on. Using the aluminium stirrer with aluminium bowl is not a good idea, you definitely do not want to leave scratches in the bowl. Pigments will be stuck in those scratches, and it is not very hygienic to use the bowl in that condition.

Using an electric egg whisk

Speaking from our own experience, if you are working with a small batch, using dry ingredients only, it will not be a good idea to use this, as it will just kick up the powders from your bowl. Most of your mixture will just fly away, landing in your work space and on your gloved hands without getting mixed.

Working in phases 

This is just our personal preference. And we prefer working in phases. We just find it more convenient to work in two phases. In phase 1, we will work with just the dry ingredients – the base ingredients, pigments, micas etc. In phase 2, we will add in the liquid ingredients.

Phase 1 : Glass bowl + Aluminium makeup mixer + Dry ingredients

Phase 2 : Shot glass + Aluminium makeup mixer + Dry ingredients mixture + Liquid Ingredients

These are just our recommendations, some of the stuff that have worked for us well. If you have any other recommendations or suggestions for tools, do share with us. This can also benefit other new Indie Makeup creators.



We have already mentioned certain ingredients in eyeshadows that may most probably trigger an allergic reaction in our previous posts.

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