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How do I apply a loose eyeshadow onto my eyelid?

Tap the jar, with the lid closed. Ensure that all the pigment stays in the jar.

Then unscrew the jar lid. Dip in a stiff flat eyeshadow brush into the eyeshadow.

Tap off the the excess onto the jar lid.

Apply your desired eyeshadow primer onto your eyelid. Then apply your eyeshadow, with a pat and pressing motion onto the eyelid.

Can I use pink eyeshadows as blusher too?

Our loose and pressed eyeshadows can be used as blush too (used sparingly). All of our products contain ingredients that are safe to be used on the face and eyes, with US FDA approval.

Can I apply the eyeshadows onto my lips?

The eyeshadows which are lip-safe, will be highlighted as lip-safe in their ingredients list. You can apply these eyeshadows onto your lips, on top of a lipstick, to give an eye-popping effect.

Are there any other uses for Rising Phoenix eyeshadows?


a) Lighter colored eyeshadows can be used as Highlight under the brows, inner corners of the eyes, above the cheek bones, above the lips and other areas that you wish to highlight.

b) Matte brown eyeshadows can be used as contour powders.

c) Shimmer brown eyeshadows can be used as bronzers.

d) Pink eyeshadows can also be used as blushers.

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