No Parabens? Are you for real?

You are not using Parabens? Then how long will your products last anyway?


Yes! This is one of our F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Before we answer this, let us take a look at Parabens first.

Use of Parabens in cosmetics

Parabens are present in most store-bought cosmetics. These are included in the products, to provide protection against micro-organisms & other harmful bacteria, so that this extends the shelf-life of the product. The commonly known ones for cosmetics will be Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, and Ethylparaben.

So why do Indie makeup companies usually avoid using Parabens?

While they are intended for a good cause, when used in a tiny amount in the recipe formulation…. However they can provide many harmful, potentially serious side effects to the user (if they are used more than 1%)  after a certain period of time, as some cosmetics have up to 25% of parabens in the recipe formulation.

Good effects : Prolonging the shelf-life of the product. (Eg. 24 months)

Ill effects include endocrine system dysfunction, premature aging, estrogen-positive breast cancer in woman and decrease in testosterone levels in men.


Please take note : The US FDA has not banned Parabens from being used in cosmetics, as when they are used in the right amounts, products do not have a negative effect on the wearers.

Same goes for other chemical preservatives. As long as they are 1% or lesser in the recipe formulation, this is deemed as safe for the wearer.

However, the tricky part for the wearer will be to determine how much of Parabens are actually included in the recipe of the product, especially when it is mass produced.

How about Natural Preservatives?

Natural preservatives are not that effective in preventing bacteria and other harmful micro organisms from inhabiting the products as well.

In fact a common myth will be using Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is nourishing for the skin, BUT it is hardly a preservative that prolongs the shelf-life of a cosmetic. Same goes for other carrier or essential oils. Hence safe, diluted chemical preservatives are the ones which do the job.

So…Do you use Preservatives for your products?


Yes! The general recommended level for Preservatives in cosmetic formulation will be 1% or lesser, which is certified as safe for face & body use. Hence we use diluted Phenoxethanol & Potassium Sorbate (less than 1% in our recipe formulations), to prolong the freshness and shelf-life of our products. These ingredients are often used in cosmetics, and used by major brands that includes Powerhouse MAC, as these are ingredients that are safe for eyes/lips/body when diluted and used as 1% or lower.

This will go a long way in preserving our products, and protects the wearer from the above mentioned ill-effects caused by Parabens.

We believe in transparency, so what you see is what you will be getting from our products. We are the human guinea pigs for all our products, who wear the tester shades first.

And we will only give you products, that we, will also put on our faces.

You have our word =)




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