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Hey lovelies!

We are very excited to introduce to you, our Mermaid collection, inspired by ‘The Little Mermaid’! =D

These shades are uniquely versatile, which can be applied as an eyeshadow or facebeam (highlighter)

Meet ‘Someday I’ll be part of your world’ as quoted by lovelorn Ariel. Ah… the beauty of Forbidden Love! 😍🤓

This multi-chrome shade is inspired by Prince Eric, and his hauntingly beautiful blue-gray eyes.😍 Appears glittery in the pan, applies like a metallic eyeshadow that shifts to gold & silver in different angles. In low lighting, it appears Petroleum blue

As always, all these shades were based on our interpretation of the characters ❤


We will be unveiling each shade every week, do look out for that =)


2nd shade : “What would I do to see you smiling at me?”

Unveiled on 25th June, 2017

Product inspired by Ariel!


3rd shade : “You’re the one. The one I’ve been looking for,” as quoted by Prince Eric

Unveiled on 29th June, 2017

Product inspired by the chance meeting of Prince Eric & Ariel ❤


4th shade : “Have you lost your senses completely?” as quoted by King Triton, when he realizes that Ariel is hopelessly in love with Prince Eric.

Unveiled on 5th July, 2017

Product inspired by King Triton

And this is our 5th and final shade of 0ur ‘Little Mermaid’ inspired eyeshadows-facebeams collection!

5th shade : “So long lover boy” as quoted by Vanessa, to Prince Eric, while he was helplessly bound to her spell.


Unveiled on 12th July, 2017

Product inspired by Ursula’s new persona, Vanessa.

The complete collection will be on sale very soon!

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Hey lovelies! Here's our 5th & final product from our 'Little Mermaid' inspired collection! Meet "So long lover boy" as quoted by Vanessa – Ursula the Sea-Witch's new persona 🤗 This versatile shade is inspired by the interaction between Vanessa & Prince Eric, who was already under her spell. Shade inspiration : A picture we saw on Pinterest, she's beautiful, looks innocent & sinister at the same time, paired with flaming hair & ruby lips. Perfect for Vanessa 😍 Picture credits to : The artist / photographer (unknown) Weblink : http://orig07.deviantart.net/1e44/f/2014/353/b/6/vampire_iris_winter_by_darkest_b4_dawn-d8ael4i.jpg This can be used both as an eyeshadow / acebeam (highlighter) / blush. Appears glittery in the pan, applies like a fiery coral red metallic eyeshadow that shifts to orange & pink in different angles.🤓 It was really difficult to capture the different color shifts in just 1 take, hope you can see them in normal speed! (Thumb swatch dragged across the palm) Music credits : Smoke City – Underwater Love #summer #summerishere #mermaid#ariel#inspiration #indiemakeup#indiecosmetics#vegan #indiecompany #Ursula #princeeric #vanessa #crueltyfree#crueltyfreemakeup#crueltyfreebeauty#supportlocal#supportsmallbusiness#sgbeauty#sgmakeup #sgproduct#sgcosmetics#singaporemakeup#madeinsingapore#handmade #littlemermaid #princeeric#multichrome#pressedproducts#eyeshadow#highlight#forbiddenlove#multichrome​

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