Tips on how to use shimmer eyeshadows | How to apply shimmer eyeshadows


Hey lovelies, our video is up! 😊 It’s our macro content hence please watch it in full screen, preferably on laptop to see the zoomed in shades. We couldn’t upload it successfully yesterday, and now it’s finally up! 🤓

Link is in the bio. Be sure to watch the video fully till the end, we’ve included as much information as we possibly could that could help someone who is starting out with shimmer eyeshadows. This will also be a good reference guide for any makeup lover as we share on the different types of shimmer eyeshadows available in the market now👍👍👍

Instead of just listening to words, visual notes have been prepared just for you. This is to cater to viewers who are more visual-based learners 💕🌸

Part 1 : Swatches of our pink and red best- selling eyeshadows

Part 2 : Tips on using different types of Shimmer eyeshadows

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P.S We are still new at designing videos from scratch hence we took a long time to edit this. Apologies in advance for the amateur editing skills 🤓🌸


Why upload on Youtube too?

1. We’ll be sharing separate macro content on YouTube. Videos that we recommend watching on your laptop, as we provide HD zoomed in videos of shades, zooming in on every palmline and pore 🤣 which would otherwise be blurred when we upload on Instagram.

2. We would like to have a more personal interaction with you! Our fellow makeup lovers, by creating bigger videos where we can share information that can be useful to makeup lovers especially for those who are new to Indie Makeup or basically newbies to makeup.

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For those who are seeing our post for the first time, welcome 😊 Our Love Notes consist of words of support and reviews from our lovely customers and friends, who create great beauty-related videos. Thanks ladies! 💖😘They will be featured in our Intro, as seen here. Links will be provided in the actual YT vid. Be sure to check them out & subscribe to their Youtube channels 🤗

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*Winter collection 2018 release*

Hey lovelies! For our winter collection, it will be a combination of warm tones and cool tones. Yes it will not be a complete cool-toned palette. This is because we would like the shades to be suitable for people all over the world. While majority of the world is experiencing winter, people like us from Singapore also known as the country of eternal summer, as well as friends from Australia and New Zealand are experiencing summer over there.

This collection will have a combination of shades suitable for Spring & Summer and some cool tones suitable for Winter. This is the reason that we did not release the collection right at the beginning of December. While working on this collection, we have been expanding a few collections, so that you can purchase the full set with our Freestyle palette. That’s right, that means some existing collections have been upgraded to 12 shades.

Likewise while working on this collection, we have also created 12 shades. Once our PR Fam, our brand ambassadors are announced, we will then unveil our latest Winter-Spring collection in 2019 🙂



*CLOSED* International Giveaway

Hey lovelies!

We just held an International Givesway. Thanks to all lovely folks who have participated in this. Here are the details on the prize won by our lucky winner =)

Winner is Daye Waldner also known as in Instagram. Congratulations Daye!

She’ll be receiving this palette of 12 eyeshadows, it will be an assortment of shadows from a few collections 🤗

The top row will be our Persuasion inspired Valentine’s collection

1st shade
There could never have been two hearts so open, no tastes so similar, no feelings so in unison 💘💏💘

2nd shade
A man does not recover from such passion. He ought not; he does not. 💘💏💘

3rd shade
You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. 💘💏💘

4th shade
Tell me not that I am too late. That such precious feelings are gone forever 💘💏💘

5th shade
I have loved none but you. 💘💏💘

6th shade
A word, a look will be enough to decide whether I enter your father’s house this evening or never. 💘💏💘


1st shade – Hell-bringer (Neverwinter collection)
2nd shade – Treachery, Deceit,Death. This is the Drow way (Halloween collection)
3rd shade – Persephone (NEW)
4th shade – Amphitrite (NEW)
5th shade – Frankenstein green (NEW)
6th shade – Shadow-walker (NEW)

These mattes are buildable and blend well with a brush. Best applied in a patting motion 🤗

New Year’s Look

Hey lovelies! Happy New Year! Lets look forward to a much better, peaceful, blissful year ahead!

Here’s our eye look for this New Year. It was really difficult to capture the dazzling effect in pics, hence this collection of vids =) Just as before, the eyeshadows lasted for the night, which is a big plus for us, oily skinned gals 😬🤗

Eyeshadows used :-

Transition shade : Toadstool from Matte Maven collection. Then applied Vigilante Rogue from Neverwinter Nights collection on the crease and outer lid area.

Main eyelid shade : Narashima from 8 Avatars of Vishnu collection

Eyeshadow topper : Valkyrie facebeam. Its luminous lilac color morphed into bright fuschia pink, once applied on top of Narashima, which was really beautiful!

Eyebrow highlight – *NEW* cream colored transition shade

Lower lashline – Silkygirl eyeliner pencil in Electric blue, smudged out with our Abyss shade from Matte Maven collection


Xmas look for 2017

Hey lovelies! Before we know it, 2017 is already ending:O

For this year’s Xmas, both of us wore our very own eyeshadows, as we made our way to our brother’s home to celebrate this occasion.

Darshini had removed her makeup, hence I am only able to show the eye look that I had that night. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Makeup applied : 3pm

Dinner : 7.30pm.

Check-in done before removing makeup : 1am.

Not surprisingly, was ambushed by the ever-present oiliness of my face. So the foundation has melted, sliding off my cheeks,  leaving a sort of a red lobster effect. 😂

Despite this whole oiliness situation, (my entire face, including eyelids will get oily) the eyeshadows have survived! They appear even more vibrant in person. Hope to show some better snaps of this look in future.

Eyeshadows used :-

*NEW* Transition shade that appears pinkish orange on medium skintone. This is just one of the new neutral shades that will be released. We are still testing these shades, hence more updates on these will come much later 🙂

Crease shade – Brick Red

Inner corner & 3 quarters of the lid – Path-Finder from Neverwinter Nights collection

Inner eye highlight – Drew the V using Milani’s Black eyeliner. And then smudged Path-Finder on top of that. And voila! Instead of the neon golden green, a beautiful neon emerald green emerged! ❤

Outer corner – Stealth Assassin from Neverwinter Nights collection

Outer edge – smoked out the look using Heart of Darkness from Matte Maven collection

Eyebrow highlight – *NEW* cream colored transition shade

Do bear in mind, our skintone is MAC NC 42. So this cream shade might be slightly darker on really fair-skinned beauties.

Once again, thank you for your support for our 10 days of Xmas deals! ❤

RPX Xmas look2.png

RPX Xmas look1.png

‘Little Mermaid’ inspired Versatile Eyeshadows collection

Hey lovelies!

Yup you read that right   =)

Our ‘Little Mermaid’ inspired collection is now on sale!

Do check out our product listings, for more pictures of the 5 shades.

For individual video swatches, check out this link :

View this post on Instagram

Hey lovelies… Our 'Little Mermaid' inspired collection is now available!🌈💫 Fun-fact : We wanted to create a mermaid-inspired collection that can be used both as eyeshadows or highlighters. And yes, these are lip-safe too, which can amp up your lipsticks' color. 💄 These are iridescent, duochrome, while having a strong base color. This was indeed a challenging set to create, but we are so glad the colors turned out the way we had envisioned them to be. We are always learning to create new products. And this is another mile-stone achieved, in terms of handcrafting them beauties =) 🙌 The pictures couldn't really capture the iridescence & duochrome effect. These are best viewed live. Hope you enjoy using them, as much as we did creating them!😊 P.S Don't be stranger, subscribe to our newsletter to gain access to sweet deals & exclusive discounts 🤗 Thanks so much for all your support ❤️ Song credits : Sweater beats – Make a move #mermaid #summer #summerishere #littlemermaid #ariel #inspiration #indiemakeup #indiecosmetics #vegan #indiecompany #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreemakeup #supportlocal #supportsmallbusinesses #sgbeauty #sgmakeup #sgproduct #sgcosmetics #singaporemakeup #madeinsingapore #handmade #selfmade #moretocome #littlemermaid #princeeric #multichrome #pressedproducts #eyeshadow #versatile #highlight

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Neutral shades on the way!

Hey lovelies!

While creating the ‘Little Mermaid’ inspired collection, we also have been busy creating the much-requested Neutral shades.

For make-up looks, one the neutral shades that most will be looking for are Transition shades. Usually, when people invest in eyeshadow palettes, they will expect a good mix of neutrals, pops of color, and of course transition shades.

Transition shades are one of the trickiest to find in a palette, in our humble opinion, as they differ from person to person, depending on their skintone.

Hence while working on our neutrals, we made it our mission to create individual suitable transition shades that will be suitable for fair, light, medium, dark, deep skintones respectively. These are soft matte eyeshadows that can also be used as a main eyelid shade.

But hey, if you are a gal who rocks a bold eyeshadow as her transition shade, by all means go for it!

Here are the first 2 shades that we have created :-

1st – For medium skintone

2nd – For dark to deep skintone

transition shades

More transition shades will be posted soon, look out for the update =)





Eyeshadow for Bodypainting! | Custom-made eyeshadow!!

Hey lovelies!

Our dear customer Ivy (Instagram : ivyimogenmua) had requested for a bronze gold powder that will be used for bodypainting for her photoshoot, photographed by Razin Razor (Instagram : razorsg) which was done on 30th June, 2017.

Since this is bodypainting, a finishing powder will not have the same ooh-la-la effect, making the model glow like a bronze goddess as a Metallic eyeshadow would.

Hence, we custom-made a beautiful bronze gold eyeshadow for her, which was crafted using all body-safe ingredients (face,lips,body)

The first one we had created appeared more gold. Hence, after consulting with Ivy, we deepened the color a teeny-weeny bit. And voila! Our bronze gold eyeshadow was ready!

We are so excited to see the beautiful shots of the model, painted in our Bronze Gold eyeshadow!!!

Here are the pictures, taken during the formulation of the eyeshadow =D

The first bronze gold eyeshadow (Appearing more gold)




RPX bronze2

The second bronze gold eyeshadow   (Final version!)

bronze gold final

Under white light


Under natural light

RPX bronze3

No Parabens? Are you for real?

You are not using Parabens? Then how long will your products last anyway?


Yes! This is one of our F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Before we answer this, let us take a look at Parabens first.

Use of Parabens in cosmetics

Parabens are present in most store-bought cosmetics. These are included in the products, to provide protection against micro-organisms & other harmful bacteria, so that this extends the shelf-life of the product. The commonly known ones for cosmetics will be Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, and Ethylparaben.

So why do Indie makeup companies usually avoid using Parabens?

While they are intended for a good cause, when used in a tiny amount in the recipe formulation…. However they can provide many harmful, potentially serious side effects to the user (if they are used more than 1%)  after a certain period of time, as some cosmetics have up to 25% of parabens in the recipe formulation.

Good effects : Prolonging the shelf-life of the product. (Eg. 24 months)

Ill effects include endocrine system dysfunction, premature aging, estrogen-positive breast cancer in woman and decrease in testosterone levels in men.


Please take note : The US FDA has not banned Parabens from being used in cosmetics, as when they are used in the right amounts, products do not have a negative effect on the wearers.

Same goes for other chemical preservatives. As long as they are 1% or lesser in the recipe formulation, this is deemed as safe for the wearer.

However, the tricky part for the wearer will be to determine how much of Parabens are actually included in the recipe of the product, especially when it is mass produced.

How about Natural Preservatives?

Natural preservatives are not that effective in preventing bacteria and other harmful micro organisms from inhabiting the products as well.

In fact a common myth will be using Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is nourishing for the skin, BUT it is hardly a preservative that prolongs the shelf-life of a cosmetic. Same goes for other carrier or essential oils. Hence safe, diluted chemical preservatives are the ones which do the job.

So…Do you use Preservatives for your products?


Yes! The general recommended level for Preservatives in cosmetic formulation will be 1% or lesser, which is certified as safe for face & body use. Hence we use diluted Phenoxethanol & Potassium Sorbate (less than 1% in our recipe formulations), to prolong the freshness and shelf-life of our products. These ingredients are often used in cosmetics, and used by major brands that includes Powerhouse MAC, as these are ingredients that are safe for eyes/lips/body when diluted and used as 1% or lower.

This will go a long way in preserving our products, and protects the wearer from the above mentioned ill-effects caused by Parabens.

We believe in transparency, so what you see is what you will be getting from our products. We are the human guinea pigs for all our products, who wear the tester shades first.

And we will only give you products, that we, will also put on our faces.

You have our word =)




‘Lab-work Time’

Dear lovelies,

After seeing our Instagram posts, some of you enquired if the loose and pressed version are different products.

Well, they are the same, so the color pay-off will be the same as well =) As requested, all loose eyeshadows, blushes, face beams will have their pressed counterparts very soon.

To show you what we mean, take a look at some of the snaps, taken during our pressing process.

Eyeshadow showcased : Narashima from ‘8 Avatars of Vishnu’ series

Here you can see Narashima, our loose eyeshadow, which is ready to be packed and shipped, as it is.


Loose Narashima final

To make it a pressed eyeshadow, we then follow another recipe of ours.

Tada! Narashima pressed eyeshadow is now ready to be packed and shipped =)


Pressed Narashima Final

Do take note :- Each pressed eyeshadow comes in a 26mm tin pan, jam-packed with eyeshadow till it hits the brim =)

This static picture does not do any justice to the eyeshadow, it is best to view the video.

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