Tips on how to use shimmer eyeshadows | How to apply shimmer eyeshadows


Hey lovelies, our video is up! 😊 It’s our macro content hence please watch it in full screen, preferably on laptop to see the zoomed in shades. We couldn’t upload it successfully yesterday, and now it’s finally up! 🤓

Link is in the bio. Be sure to watch the video fully till the end, we’ve included as much information as we possibly could that could help someone who is starting out with shimmer eyeshadows. This will also be a good reference guide for any makeup lover as we share on the different types of shimmer eyeshadows available in the market now👍👍👍

Instead of just listening to words, visual notes have been prepared just for you. This is to cater to viewers who are more visual-based learners 💕🌸

Part 1 : Swatches of our pink and red best- selling eyeshadows

Part 2 : Tips on using different types of Shimmer eyeshadows

You’ve been incredibly sweet & supportive in our IG journey, hope you will subscribe and support us on YouTube too 💕

Watch it now guys, and connect with us via YouTube too. Our information-based video will only show up in the search results, if you as makeup lovers view it fully. Thank you for your support! 💕

Be sure to keep the questions coming! Our main focus for our YouTube channel is to be as informative as possible for makeup lovers, providing information that is otherwise not available elsewhere. Depending on your response and questions, we will tailor-make our videos respectively. See you on the ‘other side’! 💖

P.S We are still new at designing videos from scratch hence we took a long time to edit this. Apologies in advance for the amateur editing skills 🤓🌸


Why upload on Youtube too?

1. We’ll be sharing separate macro content on YouTube. Videos that we recommend watching on your laptop, as we provide HD zoomed in videos of shades, zooming in on every palmline and pore 🤣 which would otherwise be blurred when we upload on Instagram.

2. We would like to have a more personal interaction with you! Our fellow makeup lovers, by creating bigger videos where we can share information that can be useful to makeup lovers especially for those who are new to Indie Makeup or basically newbies to makeup.

3. Our Youtube channel will be used to address larger topics, including questions that we frequently receive via DMs and emails. Keep the questions coming, we hope to assist you in the best way possible. Your support truly means a lot to us. Do subscribe to our channel. 🤗💖 This is the sneak peek trailer for the upcoming video for this Friday. Stay tuned for that!

✨🌸💕Love Notes💕🌸✨

For those who are seeing our post for the first time, welcome 😊 Our Love Notes consist of words of support and reviews from our lovely customers and friends, who create great beauty-related videos. Thanks ladies! 💖😘They will be featured in our Intro, as seen here. Links will be provided in the actual YT vid. Be sure to check them out & subscribe to their Youtube channels 🤗

Mali Glarum @chatterboxmali
Lulu @beautywithaheart2017
Marie @charmedwench
Amanda Gard @amanda_gard_makeup
Shanthi @shanthiarumugam
Bianca @bia.and.the.daily.things
Diana Hoffman @frkhoffmannlaursen
Julie Barbour @make_up_lover1983
Raven McGuire @makeupwithraven
Danielle Schmidt @playfullybeautiful88
Krystal Laflair @peace_love_live_bands


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