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*About us*

Hello! We are from sunny Singapore, make-up lovers, who strive to provide affordable high quality make-up at a fraction of the cost, when compared to high-end make-up brands.

Rising Phoenix was a brain-child of ours, as we were thinking of providing beauty to our clients without them having to break a bank. Affordable, vibrant, lasting eyeshadows without compromising on the quality – where they can be comparable with high-end eyeshadows for color payoff and long lasting ability.

Being blessed with olive skin-tone ourselves, (MAC NC42), we were always on the lookout for vegan cosmetics that complimented our skin tone. Having combination skin also spurred us to create our very own cosmetics, which are oily / dry skin friendly and also vibrant and suitable for beauties of all colors.

It was then we started experimenting with US FDA approved ingredients to create our very own unique eyeshadows, and our efforts paid off, resulting in many unique shades of eyeshadows. Today, we also have finishing powders and blushes in our collection.

We decided to create each batch of eyeshadows to be theme-inspired, where each color has been carefully crafted based on our interpretation of that character or individual.

*Birth of Rising Phoenix Makeup*

We used to believe that we had sensitive eyes, and that was why we just could not wear an eyeshadow without weeping buckets of tears. As children we used to be in Indian Dancing CCA from Primary School till Secondary School.

Er.. After doing some research, we realized that this was true at all. It was not the eyeshadow that irritated our eyes so much, but the eyeliner and kajal that was used to line our waterline. Needless to say, we used to perform with teary bloodshot eyes and sniffling nose…Urgh!

To be precise, the ingredients in those products caused this effect. Same for lipsticks with a tinge of Peppermint flavour. We had no issues with that, but our dear friend’s lips will swell up like a beesting…Yeouch!

Of course we understand that every teacher’s aim will be to provide cosmetics for their pupils which will be safe for everyone. However, our personal experience just goes to show that sometimes, it is best to be as cautious as possible, in selecting cosmetics for personal use, as well as for others’ use.


Fast forward to Adulthood. Here we faced a new dilemma, commonly faced by combination-skin beauties. Why doesn’t my eye makeup last? I wore an eyeshadow primer didn’t I?

And for the foundations, occasionally we had breakouts, and worse, bald spots on the face – Especially the oily T-Zone which was not a very fun experience to say the least 😐

What makes makeup last longer? Any safe, nourishing, affordable alternatives to High-end brands which not only have lasting power, but are pigmented yet comfortable on the skin?

This led us to research on the different types of ingredients used for cosmetics. We are no cosmetic chemist (although we ravenously pored through books and blog posts by cosmetic chemists for reference & guidance)

Through this, we learnt invaluable information on what are the really good or (meh) ingredients that go into the mass produced cosmetics that are available in the market today. This also raised awareness on which types of well-meaning ingredients irritate the skin.

Eg. Ingredients with high acidity level can dry out the skin, causing itchiness, and those with high alkaline level can also irritate the skin, causing infections or worsen acne-prone areas of the face.

If these type of ingredients are present in rubbing-into-skin products such as lotions… this can even aggravate eczema.

So looking for products, that have ingredients with a balanced pH formula & also vegan was a step in the right direction. After doing all this research… A light-bulb lit up.

Why don’t we just make them! =)

*Makeup With Rising Phoenix* OR *Rising Phoenix*?

There is an existing business entity in Singapore registered as ‘Rising Phoenix’, hence we are now registered as Makeup With Rising Phoenix.

*What makes us unique*

All the products have been formularized and created by us with love, based on our own recipes. As buyers of only animal-cruelty free beauty products, all our ingredients are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. All the ingredients used are US FDA approved, hence they are approved as eye-safe, for those products which are also lip-safe, it will be stated in the ingredients list. There has been no animal testing for any of our products, we are the guinea pigs who wear the testers first, before placing any product on sale =)

We are pleased to announce that we now provide pressed products!

*Contact us*

Our online shop : www.makeupwithrisingphoenix.com

Our YouTube page for updates and swatches  =D


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