*Makeup With Rising Phoenix*

*About us*

We are from sunny Singapore, make-up lovers, who strive to provide affordable high quality make-up at a fraction of the cost, when compared to high-end make-up brands.

Rising Phoenix Eyeshadow Pigments was a brain-child of ours, as we were thinking of providing beauty to our clients without them having to break a bank. Affordable, vibrant, lasting eyeshadows without compromising on the quality – where they can be comparable with high-end eyeshadows for color payoff and long lasting ability.

It was then we started experimenting with FDA approved ingredients to create our very own unique eyeshadows, and our efforts paid off, resulting in many unique shades of eyeshadows. Today, we also have finishing powders and blushes in our collection. Since we started off with creating eyeshadows, the name ‘Rising Phoenix Pigments’ remained.

We decided to create each batch of eyeshadows to be theme-inspired, where each color of that batch uniquely ties in with the theme that it has been created after.

Hence we now have these collections to date :-

‘Greek Mythology’ Inspired series

‘Native American’ Inspired series

‘Egyptian Gods’ inspired series

‘8 Avatars of Vishnu’ series

‘Gemstones’ Inspired series

‘Fairytale and Fantasy’ Inspired series

Halloween – The Sinner in you series (7 sins)

Halloween – The After Dark series

Matte Maven series

‘Metallics’ – Eyeshadow series

‘Little Mermaid’ inspired versatile eyeshadow collection

*What makes us unique*

All the eyeshadow pigments have been formularized and created by us with love, based on our own recipes. As buyers of only animal-cruelty free beauty products, all our ingredients are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. All the ingredients used are FDA approved, hence they are approved as eye-safe, NOT lip-safe.

These pigments are NOT your regular pressed eyeshadows where you will have to dab your eyeshadow brush repeatedly into the product, to get the desired color. These are loose eyeshadow pigments. A teeny dab onto the pigment will give you the same effect.


These pigments especially the pink-hued ones can be used as blush (used sparingly). These are safe to be used on the face, but we do not recommend lips, since there is no FDA approval for that.

Like all pigments, use an eyeshadow primer prior to applying the pigment to get best results before you pat on the pigment. This will give you an eye-popping eye color 🙂


*Contact us*

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IG : rising.phoenix.makeup

Follow our Youtube page for updates, swatches and more content


Twitter : RisingPhoenixSG @SGRising


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