Eyeshadow for Bodypainting! | Custom-made eyeshadow!!

Hey lovelies!

Our dear customer Ivy (Instagram : ivyimogenmua) had requested for a bronze gold powder that will be used for bodypainting for her photoshoot, photographed by Razin Razor (Instagram : razorsg) which was done on 30th June, 2017.

Since this is bodypainting, a finishing powder will not have the same ooh-la-la effect, making the model glow like a bronze goddess as a Metallic eyeshadow would.

Hence, we custom-made a beautiful bronze gold eyeshadow for her, which was crafted using all body-safe ingredients (face,lips,body)

The first one we had created appeared more gold. Hence, after consulting with Ivy, we deepened the color a teeny-weeny bit. And voila! Our bronze gold eyeshadow was ready!

We are so excited to see the beautiful shots of the model, painted in our Bronze Gold eyeshadow!!!

Here are the pictures, taken during the formulation of the eyeshadow =D

The first bronze gold eyeshadow (Appearing more gold)




RPX bronze2

The second bronze gold eyeshadow   (Final version!)

bronze gold final

Under white light


Under natural light

RPX bronze3

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